About us

Skylight Theater Collective aims to direct and produce women-centered theater works in the Boston Metro area, intentionally focusing on generating more opportunities for women to have substantial roles both on and offstage.

We aim to:

  • provide challenging, fulfilling, and plentiful roles for women, trans, and non-binary actors;
  • produce theater works in spaces that are accessible via public transportation in the Boston area;
  • foster a supportive and creative theater community;
  • provide opportunities for members of the Boston community to collaborate in the creation of a theater production;
  • produce and direct remarkable works of theater.


We began as a group of theater-lovers in Boston who noticed that there was a severe imbalance between the number of talented women who were auditioning for community theater shows and the number of roles available for them. We decided to take on this challenge, and founded a theater company that chooses to produce shows specifically because of the number and quality of roles for women they provide.

Another major goal of Skylight Theater Collective is to produce shows in the greater Boston area, such that rehearsals and performances are accessible via public transit. Many of our founding members have had the experience of wanting to audition for a show and being disappointed when we found out that we would need a car to get there. Skylight puts great value on getting fellow Boston theater-lovers involved in productions in their own community!